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20 Nisan 2024, Cumartesi

Mexico Welcomes Higher Spending Tourists

Mexico Welcomes Higher Spending Tourists

Suat Töre met with Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués in Mexico City and asked questions about changes in Mexica’s tourism industry since they last met last year at Tianguis Turistico in Acapulco.

Suat Töre: What has changed in Mexico’s tourism since we last met at Tianguis Turistico held in Acapulco?

Miguel Torruco Marqués: “We have increased our hotel capacity, we have been building about 22 thousand new hotel rooms every year. We have increased international air connectivity, especially with Istanbul. It was a very successful route that we have had since 2019 and those flights have increased a lot.

We have also increased our tourism product. There is a new tourist profile that appears after the pandemic. Now tourists are coming from different parts of the world. And they are spending more money. Last year we have received 28.4 billion dollars meaning 14 percent more than in 2019.

Suat Töre: How many international tourists arrived last year and what is your target for this year?

Miguel Torruco Marqués: Last year 39.4 million tourists visited and this year about 40 million tourists are expected to visit Mexico. In 2019, it was 45 million but since the new tourist profile is more spending, we are expecting to receive more than 31 billion dollars in revenue.